Who is Sisi Hood?

Sybergurl has teamed up with the oh-so talented Sisi Hood for our first collab and it's about time you get to know her! Sierra Hood, 22, is a young female artist from Big Bear, California. She has been an artist since she could hold a paintbrush, she explained, "Back then it was mostly flowers and animals rather than vaginas." 

Where or who do you usually gather inspiration from ?  Sometimes it's porn, sometimes it's a beautiful female I see on the street, sometimes it's nature,or food. I draw inspiration from everything. I am really inspired by the human body though. It fascinates me, the different shapes and sizes, the strengths and flaws.


What do you want people to gain from your art? My subject matter tends to be pretty sexual. I just feel like sex is constantly being thrown in our faces and often in a very negative way. We are always being slut shamed, or told how sex is a bad thing, or that it's wrong to love yourself. My art can be very light hearted or ironic because I just feel like sex and the human body should also be portrayed in a beautiful way, it's natural, it's art. There's a quote I really relate to, "Art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed." I hope my art moves people in that sort of way.

If you had one message for every single girl in the world, what would it be?

Do you. Like seriously Do you. Don't worry about what anybody thinks. Don't worry about what you have or what you don't, or who likes you and who doesn't. Go after the things that you want and don't let fake friends, guys, teachers, parents, or society dictate how you should live your life. Not only are you beautiful, but you are strong, and your own strength, and your girls are the only thing you really need in life!

View more of Sierra;s artwork below and follow her on Instagram: @SISI_HOOD to stay updated with her art and latest projects.

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